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Întreabă-ne (aproape) orice

Cine spune că știe să răspundă la orice întrebare, sigur exagerează… Și noi avem limite, ca oricine 🙂

Îți putem răspunde totuși la destul de multe întrebări despre website-uri, campanii de promovare, online marketing, aplicații și tehnologii web, găzduire, ce viruși sau malware mai bântuie pe internet și alte câteva. Pune mai jos ce te frământă, și lasă-ne unde vrei să îți răspundem. Suntem prompți!



We use web technologies to grow businesses

Imagine what it would be like to have those things you want from your business

Every entrepreneur sets out on this path with a goal (or more), but basically they either want to achieve something, or they want to ‘get rid’ of something… Our goal is to help this process happen faster, with less effort, with greater efficiency or all together.

We do this with the help of web technologies and online marketing campaigns segmented on the audience of each client with whom we collaborate, in such a way that the proposed objectives are achieved in the greatest possible proportion.

It won’t work every time, and we can’t work with everyone, but over the past 12 years we’ve run into so many situations that many of them are worth avoiding, and together we can do it.

Briefly, it is about:

Web graphic design

Whether it’s an online presence, an online store, a presentation website, or an app – they all have an interface with which the user interacts. We build such interfaces for different types of projects, and the saying that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is applied here.

Web development (front-end / back-end, customized)

What is ‘seen’ in a website / application / store – whatever, has a source code behind it. We write code for what is ‘seen’ and what is ‘not seen, but sets in motion what is seen’ 🙂 It may sound more complicated, but it is simpler to show you, applied to actual cases.

Web project implementations via WordPress & Brizy

For projects like presentation websites or various applications of lower complexity, the two sections (graphic design and front-end/back-end implementation) can be optimized using open source solutions based on WordPress. It can’t do everything, but it does a lot.

Automation and optimization of activities using web tools

If you have an activity that can be done faster using an online tool, we can find solutions to streamline work processes – for example how to do the bidding process, sign contracts on digital flows, invoicing and integration with other accounting software, etc. Starting from the actual situation, we can see together ways in which costs and time can be made more efficient.

Marketing campaigns via Google Ads & social media

In order for a product or service to reach the right customer, it is necessary for him to know about the existence of the one who sells it and to trust that by purchasing, the customer solves his own problem/situation. We use tools to facilitate this process faster and easier, often even cheaper than through traditional channels – with reference to direct sales, TV or radio ads.

Professional hosting services and hardware technical maintenance

We provide the server-level technical solutions needed for (almost) any application, online store or website. We use a top Romanian data center, we have the technical infrastructure and high-performance incremental back-up solutions for your website to run safely and at optimal parameters. We can also provide technical hardware maintenance services (in Bucharest and Ilfov) through our friends at

Complete IT maintenance services for companies

Together with our friends and partners from we help companies that need professional support services on the spot or remotely. More specifically, we provide:

Maintenance of IT networks and cabling solutions, including in complex configurations

IT security – data and network protection against ransomware, fraud, hacking

Video surveillance, alarm and automation

Back-up and data security, analytical services, auditing and IT consulting

Our mission is to support over the next 3 years a number of +100 companies in Romania to increase their turnover by +1 million euros annually by implementing web solutions, automation, optimization and online marketing strategies.